15 Ways To Reduce Your Utility Bills Every Month

Dated: 09/23/2016

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Here are 15 effective way to reduce your utility bills and make your home more energy efficient. Below is a detailed infographic by 99SmartHomes which covers each of the 15 ideas in more detail.

  1. Use LED lamps instead of incandescent lamps.

  2. Use Programmable and wifi thermostats.

  3. Use Charging Stations that Turn Themselves Off.

  4. Change air filters on time.

  5. Use Dual-Flush Toilets.

  6. Use a Shower Head With a Drip Feature.

  7. Use Light Dimmers.

  8. Use the Auto Shut Off Feature on the Computers in Your Home.

  9. Use Cellular and Honeycomb Shades.

  10. Use Properly Mounted Ceiling Fans.

  11. Make Proper Usage of Power Strips.

  12. Manually Run Your Irrigation Systems.

  13. Use Outdoor Lights With Motion Sensors.

  14. Use Outdoor Lights That Are Solar Powered.

  15. Use Dusk to Dawn LED Bulbs.

15 Effective Ways to Make your home energy efficient

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