3 Affordable Smart Home Gadgets

Dated: 08/02/2016

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If you are anything like me there is nothing better than technology that not only makes life easier, but also impresses your friends when they come over.  For many of us the latest and greatest technology remains a little out of our price range, however there are several "smart household" products that are not only cool but they also won't break the bank. 

  1. Smarter Coffee

Sure being able to set the time a coffee pot starts brewing each day is nothing new, but how about being able to control the brewing process from your smart phone? The Smarter Coffee maker not only allows for users to control when the coffee is brewed, but also the amount brewed and how strong to make the roast. Is happy hour quickly turning into happy hours? That's no problem simply go into your app to set a stronger coffee blend for the morning (or afternoon). The Smarter Coffee maker sells for $239, which may seem like a decent chunk of change, but when the average American spends over $1,000 at coffee shops each year this machine is very affordable. 

2. Philips Hue Light bulbs

"According to their website the Philips Hue Light Bulbs will enhance your everyday life. Philips Hue can welcome you home. Wake you up. Get you energized. Make you feel safe. Improve your mood. Enhance your entertainment experience. It can even keep you informed about the weather or incoming calls. The possibility are endless once you start exploring." The Philips Hue can be programmed to slowly brighten bedroom lights in the morning or to dim when the kids reading time before bed is over. There are several apps for these bulbs that can do anything from give the ability to turn on or shut off remotely to react to movies and music and can be programmed to work with the Amazon Echo. The Philips Hue bulbs can be purchased individually on Amazon for $38.00 or a starter pack for $179.00.

3. Google Home 

 By now most of us have heard about or own Amazon Echo, and Alexa has made out everyday lives a lot easier. While I enjoy Alexa, I have always been a Google fan and have patiently been waiting for Google Home with Al the assistant. While Google Home is going to be very similar to the Amazon Echo the big thing that Google has going for it is the hardware partnerships they have through their Android divesion including HTC, Sony, Samsung, and LG. Unfortunately there is no official release date for Google Home except that it is going to be released later this year and that it should be priced to compete with the Amazon Echo, around $200. 

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