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Dated: 09/07/2016

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It is 2016 and the real estate agent of my youth is no longer.  Now the typical agent is waking up and plugging in to the online pulse of social media, tracking how many clicks a listing has had since yesterday.  There is no more storefront where you go in and pick up the "Kitty-Letter" and see what is new this week.  The internet has changed things to the degree that many people buy everything they own from behind a screen.  So why do you need an agent?  If you can find and compare online, what value does a realtor bring?

The day in and day out of my job is pretty much chaos, and my role is to tame that for each client.  I herd the cats so that the repairs, lenders, title agents, buyers, sellers and agents are all heading in the same direction.  My goal is to make sure that when the ink is dry on all those closing documents that everyone is smiling and glad they did it.  There are times when my job description is "fire-marshall"  because I am directing the putting out of fires, but that is my forte.  I love helping people find their home, move on from their home into a bright new future, or find a place to call home for the next year.  This is why I do it, why I have passion for it.  Customer service and knowledge is what a Realtor provides and it is priceless to have someone fight for you.  Call a professional and let them control your fires!!!! 

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Teresa Irish

The most important aspect of being a Realtor is providing customer service. Teresa Irish is dedicated to providing customer service and professional guidance. She has years of experience of in man....

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