Best Time Of The Year To Sell Your Home

Dated: 10/16/2016

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Good Afternoon,

Now is the time to buy or sell your home !!! You may ask why ?  "It's not the spring summer market?" . The reason why is because people who are looking to sell and buy during the holiday season are very serious about selling or buying it cuts down all the tire kickers or the people who want to just fish around in the market and wast their time and  yours. These folks are serious and have a reason or a so called sense of urgency to buy or sell. The offers are stronger and the willingness to negotiate much stronger than in the spring summer market.

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Teresa Swink

You don’t choose a home because you love the paint color. No, an investment this big demands in-depth knowledge so that you can buy with confidence. That’s where I come in. As an agent with Berk....

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