Couples Keep Calm And Move Along

Dated: 08/05/2016

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The Home-buying process can be stressful on a couple.  Justin Newark, psychologist  & co-president of the Psychoanalytic Couple & Family Institute of New England suggests a plan to help Couples remain as stress free as possible while in the process of purchasing a home.

Newark suggests to:

  • Set Priorities and make choices throughout the home-buying process as equal partners.  Having one decision maker can cause the other to "grudgingly" accept things they may not agree with.  Having both people on board with decision making establishes a sense of ownership through out the process.

  • Treat the home purchase like a business deal.  Stay focused on negotiations in which each person compromises.

  • The best way to start out - Each person should make a list of things that matter the most to him/her in order of preference;

                    examples: home office, open floor plan, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.

Image title Cherie Davis is an experienced Real Estate Professional specializing in Residential Sales with a background in Counseling, having earned an M.Ed. from the University of South Carolina.  Cherie will work with you on your next home sale or purchase and make sure the process is streamlined and less stressful.   Realtor® Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia  540-621-0410

(Justin Newark, Psychologist. Bottom Line Personal Vol 36 Number 7)

Cherie Davis

I am an experienced Real Estate Professional specializing in Residential Properties Sales. I began my work as a Realtor in 2001 in Charlottesville, Virginia after a career in Educational Counseling a....

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