Equations Of Accomplishment

Dated: 09/20/2016

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So I as sit here working, I am thinking about the equation for success.  There are a certain number of calls, that lead to a certain number of opportunities, that lead to a level of success that you are trying to reach.  It is basic math, except there is an X factor.  What is it in you that drives you to try to accomplish?  What keeps you working toward your goals?  

For me it starts with passion for what I do.  I truly love what I do and look forward to the opportunity to work with people transitioning to new phases of their lives.  There is very little that compares to the stress of buying or selling a home and I strive to make it just a little bit easier for those who trust me to help them.

Next comes desire.  I want to improve the life of my family and the opportunities for my future, and to do that I need to work and seize the opportunities.  This is the pursuit of the dream.

The last ingredient to the level of success that we are striving for is knowledge.  I have been seeking the knowledge to improve my skills for a long time and I finally feel like it is coming together.  I am investing in myself and my knowledge base to step up my level of success.  

So look for me in the future.  

Teresa Irish

Teresa Irish, Realtor, has been licensed in Virginia since 2012. Prior to being licensed, she worked in the real estate field for over a decade. She has worked in new home sales, property management....

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