First Home Themed Mall In America Is Coming To Stafford

Dated: 08/22/2016

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Home Centers USA will be introducing a unique and revolutionary retail model that has had success in both Toronto and Europe with the construction of an over 300,000 sqft destination mall with NONE of the traditional anchor stores (Macy's, Dicks, Belk, etc). Instead Home Centers USA will consist of up to 400 smaller stores that are owned by individual investors and businessman. Instead of the traditional retail model where a large real estate investment company or trust owns and leases space to businesses, a business or person will be able to buy, sell, or rent their condominium retail unit. Home Centers USA is banking on the assumption that this type of investing will become a natural progression for people who are buying shares of a company through the many crowd funding platforms. 


  It is not surprising why they have selected a location a mere 30 miles from the Nations Capital, however some of the demographic stats are pretty interesting. 

  •   The average median household earns more that $100,000, which is twice the nations average. 

  • The average home worth in the DC Metro is valued 160% higher than the national average. ( DC Metro Avg Home Price- $500,030 vs National Average - $188,900) 

  • Between 95,000-131,000 cars drive on I-95 in Stafford EACH DAY

  • 40% of Potomac Mills shoppers are from out of town, which makes Potomac Mills Virginia's LARGEST tourist attraction. 

  • Stafford has continued to be the fastest growing county in Virginia.

Planning and constructing a massive project like this takes time and will no doubt have several hurdles to overcome. While the mall is scheduled to open in 2019 the financing and approvals will determine if Home Centers USA opens on time. Currently, they are working on the entitlement process, however the county does not have an active application. Only time will tell if Home Centers USA will become a state wide attraction and forever transform the landscape of Stafford County. 


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