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Dated: 03/07/2017

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3 Foils of a Happy Deck

With the snow gone and having just experienced a beautiful spring like weekend, you may have had the chance to get outside and really take a good look at your deck. Every year, customers tell me their initial springtime deck inspection is usually pretty shocking. Come spring, your deck has run the seasonal gauntlet of punishing summer heat, relentless autumn rain, and brutal winter temperatures.  It’s no wonder that during this time of year our customers regularly witness the 3 foils of their deck’s beauty.

Foil #1: Moss. While it’s cute to decorate in green for St. Patrick’s Day. Green is not so cute on your deck! This unsightly green film can grow in damp, shaded areas of your deck. Untreated moss will grow exponentially and become slippery as it gets wet, thus posing a safety hazard to you and your family.

Foil #2: Black mold. This is a living organism that travels through the air. It lands and spreads to different areas on your deck as well as in your home. To mitigate allergies, many of our customers have us clean their deck just to eradicate the mold.

Foil #3: Nail pops. As your deck swells with the season, the nails that fasten down your boards are pushed up. Then as the wood shrinks, the nails remain in their pushed up position. Nail pops are a safety hazard for small children, pets and folks like me, who find the best way to relax is barefoot, reading a book or sipping on a favorite libation.

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