Moving To A New Town And Your Hierarchy Of Needs

Dated: 07/15/2016

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I wanted to start off my first blog off with a bang! So I'm about to say something that may offend some of you. A comment on life that may be counter to everything you believe. Everything you stand for. And everything you've come to know as true in your hearts. And even in the midst of political disarray, it must be said! Moving is the worst. It is! I've never come across one person in all my time working as a realtor, that closes on their home and says, 

"Now the real fun begins. We've spent the last month and half routing through 10 + years of poor decisions, and late night tv infomercial purchases. I've personally been to every local grocery & liquor store within a 15 mile radius, acquiring every cardboard box within my sight. The movers are coming at 2pm... I hope...and we are ready to live in a cavern made of those aforementioned cardboard boxes while we try to get through our daily work lives, and unpack/shove the 10+ years of poor decisions and late night infomercial purchases into every crevice of our beautiful new life!" 

Not. one. time... Moving has no comparable evil on this planet. As you can tell, I'm slightly passionate about the subject of moving....Now that I have your attention...

This blog is about after the closing, after the move... the next morning when you wake up in a new town and think "What now?" "How do I make this unfamiliar territory my 'home'?" "Like the brave settlers before me, how do I claim my part of this new land?!" A little over dramatized, but you get it. I like to think of life on simple terms, because it makes everything... simpler. Or easier, if you're looking for a synonym

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs... life in it's simplest terms. Satisfy the lower level of needs, (food, warmth, shelter etc) and work your way to the top level (self actualization, creativity, Morgan Freeman status). So if you approach your move to a new town in these terms you are almost guaranteed to build a fantastic new life in your new town. Of course, even following a recipe to make a cake can lead to a terrible cake if the baker isn't using the right ingredients. So never mix up your salt and sugar. 

By now, especially, after that last impromptu analogy, you are probably asking yourself, "Where is this going?" Or you've stopped reading. I hope for the former. 

How does Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs relate to moving to a new town? Here's how. 

We will start from the bottom up...

Physiological Needs (warmth, food, water, rest)

  • This is most likely already taken care of if you've moved to a new town. You've purchased your shelter where you can rest and stay cool or warm when need be. FYI... This is also the place you will bring your food to consume. 

Safety Needs (security)

  • Usually the best rest you will ever get is the knowledge that you are safe, and free from harm. So it would be in your best interest that you secure your new home in your new town. I'm sure you found a fantastic agent, and did your due diligence to find a safe neighborhood. This will prevent you from becoming extremely paranoid, and avoid the paralyzing thought that everyone is out to get you! Which leads to the next level of needs.

Belongingness and Love (friendships)

  • Everybody needs somebody, sometimes... right? Well according to this next level of needs, and Dean Martin, yes. So in your new town, when you go to get food or going to the hardware store to get your new locks... talk. to. people. And catch Pokemon. But talk to to people is the biggest part of this level of needs. Get to know the locals. Learn the places people go to hangout, and socialize. Make good decisions, and catch them all.

Esteem Needs (Prestige or feeling of accomplishment)

  • Feeling needed, or important is the second to highest level of needs. And usually the best way to feel good about one's self, and needed by others, is to do things for other people. So get involved in your new community. Learn about how you can make a difference to other people who live around you. This will bring even more for you to the previous levels of needs. 

Self-actualization (achievement of full potential, Morgan Freeman)

  • This is as close to nirvana most of us will ever get. But once you've followed the levels to the top. You most likely have found a happiness and fulfillment in your new town! 

Sustainability of this path is the key to surviving your move to your new town! Not just surviving, but flourishing! So get started on fulfilling your needs, and if those happen to be of the real estate nature, I'm here!

Thank you for reading my first blog, and I hope you read the ones to come!

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