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The fall weather is a pleasant break from the summer heat. So here we are about to turn on the heaters.  What happens when we turn it on and it doesn't work?  Well if you have a home warranty which is all the rage in the real estate market, you should know that it can take a few days to get a service call.  So be smart, check the system and ensure that it is operational before it gets so cold that you are freezing.  

Call for service and be prepared to wait.  This is the major issue with the home warranty.  The benefits far outweigh the negatives, but you need to be proactive in your approach.  They cannot change the procedures that they have, so start by altering your expectations to make the experience stress free.  Just remember, you get to choose how you feel.  You get to choose being stressed or you get to choose to be understanding of the rules and working with them to a resolution.  

Home Warranty is a low cost alternative to home repairs.  Check into them today. 

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