Passive Income In Real Estate Investing

Dated: 09/12/2016

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In an era of 24 hour HGTV with flipping show after flipping show, real estate investing is getting a  30 minutes to make $40000 gloss over.  There are more flippers looking for deals than there are home buyers it feels like.  There are several opportunities that are being overlooked.  Instead of finding a flip, look to town homes, single family homes, or condos that you can get for less but may not be worth the investment to flip.  Holding these properties for rental is a way to bring in an influx of cash on a monthly basis.  Additionally, there are opportunities in bulk asset refinance that can give you the influx of cash to be ready for the  flip when the opportunity arises.  

So if you are looking for  the opportunity to make money in real estate, turn off the HGTV and tune in to the rental market in Stafford, Spotsylvania, Woodbridge, and Fredericksburg.  There is money to be made at a steady rate that can grow your personal wealth with little investment in effort and time.  If you have questions or need guidance in the purchasing a potential rental, call today!!!!

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