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So recently I was previewing town homes in Manassas.  I was looking at roughly 15 so I was running fast and grouping the houses accordingly.  Upon arrival at the 7th in the list I discovered that there was a strong gas smell.  I viewed the house and determined that the burner of the stove had not been left on, there was no obvious source for the smell.  So I left and immediately called the listing agent. 

You can guess what happened... No answer.  I left a message then texted.  I was running late for the rest of my appointments so I jumped in the car and drove off, while trying to reach the brokerage itself... No Answer!!!! 

Now I have done what I could, but there are people that live on either side of that house.  I am not the kind of person that can just shrug and let it go. So I called 2 gas companies to find the one that serviced the house.  I reported the leak and felt better.  Off to finish my day.  

When the gas company called me back to inform me that they needed access to the property I struggled.  I mean this is not my house I have no connection with it.  Do I really need to be involved?  The representative told me that the alternative is to have the fire department break down the door, I considered shrugging.  But here is the rub, what if it were my clients home?  Would I want to deal with the damage that could have been prevented if someone were willing to give up 30 minutes of their day? 

So I did it.  I went back.  Turns out there was a leak and the danger was real.  I ended up speaking to the agent 2 hours after the emergency was handled.  

SO in conclusion, there are 2 things I learned:

1.  I like agents that answer their phone.  I do not like agents that don't.

2.  When it comes to safety of people and property, there is no such thing as too busy to help. 

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