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Is a Pool Worth It?

You’ve found the perfect house to buy in the perfect location at the perfect price, with one unexpected twist: it has a swimming pool. You don’t despise pools, but it wasn’t exactly on your top 10 list of home features, either. How do you make sure that buying a home with a pool won’t sink you?

To help you stay afloat, the following are concerns commonly encountered with buyers who have never owned a pool, but are considering a home that has one.

The benefits of having a swimming pool are clear: quick swim just steps away, relaxing afternoons afloat with a book in hand, weekend pool parties, and when not in use, a swimming pool can even enhance your view. However, the flipside of pool ownership can be a tidal wave of responsibility that a buyer might decide to walk away from, including pool maintenance, safety, insurance, and home value concerns.

Well that can be said for anything in the home. What about a large kitchen? Nice to have in the house, but it can mean; I have to cook again, clean the cooktop(s), clean the oven(s) or even having a really nice yard, same applies lots of upkeep, when do I have time to mow, after a few years, you have to replace the plants, etc.

When you tour a home for sale that has a pool, look for obvious warning signs: needs resurfacing, has cracks, or is visibly in disrepair.

When doing a home inspection, make sure you get the pool inspected as well. Keep in mind that a general property inspection may not catch all possible issues, especially challenging things to test for, like leaks. Look into having a pool company inspect it, if you can find the company that installed it, even better.

Pools mean the grown children and grandchildren will always want to come to your house to hang out. You can really spruce it up, have your own oasis, and it could become your own vacation home.

Did you buy a home with a pool and love it? Or do you have a huge case of buyer’s regret?

Let me know.

In the meantime – CANNONBALL!

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