Summer Restaurant Week Is Here

Dated: 07/29/2016

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This is the time for all who enjoy local dining to get out and try a few places, both old and new.  You can squeeze in a lot of dinners so don't forget that you will need to up your physical activity to keep the pounds down.

Participating Restaurants this year include:

  • Bavarian Chef-Always a favorite of mine but be hungry because you do get the full treatment.

    (540) 656-2101

  • Bistro Bethem-Always worth trying one of their new menu items.

    (540) 371-9999

  • Capital Ale House-A new favorite but get their early

    (540) 317-2337

  • Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant-An old time standard with a newer decor.  If you haven't been lately, worth a visit.

    (540) 373-6650

  • Cork and Table-The third course desert is well worth the investment

    (540) 479-1291

  • Deutschland Downtown-If you do lunch here, you will need a light dinner location.

    (540) 373-4110

  • Eileen’s Bakery and Café-Another favorite that has been here for a while and is worth another visit.

    (540) 372-403

  • Fahrenheit 132-A newer place that may be worth your first visit or a return for an old favorite.

    (540) 940-2614

  • Fredericksburg Square-This is your chance to have a great meal and visit a very unique place in Fredericksburg.

    (540) 373-9601

  • Gazebo Secret Garden-Amazing value but it coud get a little uncomfortable if the weather goes back to HIGH HEAT.

    (540) 373-9601

  • Kenmore Inn-Another old favorite that is always worth the trip.

    (540) 371-7622

  • Kickshaw’s Downtown-Not quite ready for full service but offering sandwich or a combo plate.  Go see how they are progressi

  • (540) 374-2080

  • Kybecca-If you haven't been in a while, it's time to try the new menu. Don't forget the wine!!!

    (540) 373-3338

  • La Petite Auberge-Anothe Fredericksburg classic that gives you the opportunity to enjoy something new and visit again.

    (540) 371-2727

  • Mercantile-Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch.  It's time for a visit especially if you haven't before.

    (540) 371-3280

  • Ristorante Renato-Been awhile?  Give it a visit and enjoy the classic Italian dining experience.

    (540) 371-8228

  • Soup and Taco-Downtown location that is a long time favorite.  Time ti visit again

  • (540) 899-0969

  • Soup and Taco 2-William Street location, recently redone.  Give it a try.

    (540) 899-0941

  • Spencer Devon Brewing-Always a great place to try some new foods and have a great beer.

    (540) 479-8381

  • Sunken Well Tavern-A little off the beaten path but time to wander a little and enjoy.

    (540) 370-0911

  • The Happy Clam-It's amazing how many of the old avorites are always here and always ready to welcome us.  Go and say helo

    (540) 899-0140

  • Virginia Deli-Great sandwiches.  Don't forget that they have moved a few years ago if you haven't been there in a while.

    (540) 371-2233

  • Vivify Burger & Lounge-Get out and enjoy a favorite for the last few years. 

    (540) 656-2500

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