The Horribly Horrendous House That Has My Heart Chapter 1

Dated: 09/08/2016

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Honey, I found a house!

That was how it started, this house buying adventure.  See, we have been renting for several years because we knew every three years we would be transferred.  When three years came calling, we didn't get the transfer call.  Instead, we learned we were staying in Northern Virginia indefinitely.  That was fantastic except we'd let our lease run out and school was starting and I had to find a place quick! That's how I found the rental we lovingly called Casa de PooPoo.  As you can tell from the name, none of us was in love with the house.  We immediately sat down and made a family "want list" and for the next three years we looked, and looked, and looked, and looked.

D wanted acreage and a fixer upper with an unfinished basement for added equity. M wanted an affordable price, a good kitchen, room for everybody, and good schools. CS wanted to stay at his current high school and wanted a room in a basement. H wanted to go to the new high school and presented us with her room blueprint. T wanted a tree house, a pig, and chickens, and a practice area for lacrosse. B wanted to be able to run. Over the course of three years we found different variations of the "want list" but nothing in total. We were discouraged and, surprisingly, running out of time. The owners of Casa de PooPoo were returning from a stint overseas so we had to make something happen now. 

As was my routine, I settled in front of the computer and searched for new listings. One caught my eye but I had discounted it several times before. I'm not really sure what made me hop in the car but I had to at least see this place. When I arrived at the property address there was a man at the top of a long, narrow driveway tinkering. He looked at me looking at him and we both wondered what the other was doing. I sat at the bottom of the driveway for a very long time trying to figure out why I was so drawn to this house. 

It is often said in the real estate business that houses have "personality" and houses "wait" for the right buyer. You'll hear that "things just fell into place" or "it was meant to be" after buyers close on their properties. I'm not sure what this house was waiting for but I was pretty sure it wasn't me. The land was overgrown. The driveway was coming apart. The outside of the house was dirty. The front door wasn't even painted, and that was just the outside. And yet...

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