The Horribly Horrendous House That Has My Heart Chapter 2 The Tour

Dated: 10/06/2016

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Our eyes locked again on my third visit to the bottom of his driveway.  His face had less of a, "What are you doing?" look and was taking on a, "Oh, there you are!" look.  I called my husband and pitched touring the inside of this house that held such sway over me. 

We drove up the long driveway and for the first time I truly noticed the untamed two-acre yard. We approached the partially painted door and rang the non-working doorbell.  A hearty woman welcomed us into a house that time forgot.  There it was, parquet flooring with missing pieces, worn golden carpet with pee stains, yellow walls, wood walnut wall paneling, brass hardware, closed in rooms, narrow hallways, dark walnut kitchen cabinets, squeaky floors, and the entire house was covered in a dusting of cat hair just for good measure.    

I could feel my husband giving me the side eye on our completely silent drive home.  I was preparing my explanation for what I was sure would be his summation of the home tour: "What were you thinking?"  When he finally spoke he said, "That house has so much potential!"

I think it fair at this juncture to let you know my husband and I love a good project.  I think it also important to note we are not normal.  We do not do things like other people.  For us it's all or nothing; go big or go home.  We hunched over our drawings and cost analysis spreadsheets and planned our attack.  

Then we made our offer.

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Family Room Before

Kitchen Before

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