The Pro And Cons Of Selling Your Home As A FSBO

Dated: 08/04/2016

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So, it's time to sell your home, and you have been toying with the idea of selling the home on your own without a Realtor.  You know you have what it takes to market the property, and who wouldn't want to buy your house!


1. No commission!  With the average commission of 6% and you think your homes value is around $300,000, that would save you a whopping $18,000!  


1. You undersell your home.  Statistics show that FSBOs on average under sell their home by 15%.  If your homes true worth is $300,000 and you undersell it by 15% that's $45,000!!! Realtors have the right tools, and knowledge of your local market to price your home correctly so that you don't leave $45,000 on the table. 

2. Distractions from Unqualified Buyers.  Many unqualified buyers will gravitate towards homes that are offered FSBO.  Most agents are experienced enough to ask the right questions to find out if a buyer is qualified, ready, willing, and able to buy a home.  Most agents will not work with buyers that are not qualified to purchase homes so these unqualified buyers tend to prey on the sellers that will give them the time of day, because they don't know how to tell if the buyers are true blue or not.  These buyers become a waste of time, and a distraction to the buyers that are ready to buy! 

3. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! You will need to study to process of selling a home, and getting it to the closing table.  There are lots of inspections, financing types, appraisals, and disclosures that all have to be performed during the sale of a home.  Professional Realtors study these practices daily and know the ends and outs of the process and how to navigate them in the most efficient ways. 

4. Making your home seen.  Sometimes a sign, and an ad won't cut it.  Only members of the Multiple Listing Service can market homes in your local MLS.  Realtors also have the knowledge and expertise of where to market your property and how to market it to potential buyers to get it sold for the most money.  

5. Will qualified buyers take you seriously?  Most of the time when a buyer is ready willing and able to purchase a home, the first thing they do is hire a Realtor to guide them through the process, and to find them perfect house to call a home.  Some buyers and their agents may not take a FSBO as serious as a seller that has listed their home for sale with a Realtor, as they may not find them as motivated to get their home sold.  

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