Tips for making your home stand out

If you are listing your home for sale, there is no doubt you want it to be noticed by potential buyers. Here are a few ways to improve your listing:

  1. Flower Beds or Potted Plants – A trimmed yard and kept up plants are a great way to help your curb appeal. If you do not have the time or green thumb to plant flower beds, get some potted plants for your porch or outside your windows.
  • Fresh Paint – Painting is an affordable and easy way to make your home look good as new. It will clean off the marks/dents from your family living there and overall look fresh and new!
  • Clear the Clutter – Nobody wants to look at photos of your listing and see the rooms full of stuff. Make sure your home stays tidy and take out what clutters up the room. This will make the rooms look cleaner and larger, and potential buyers can envision their own stuff in the home.

Talk to your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realtor for more ways to help your listing sell!