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Pets can be a factor when selling your home

Sellers are advised to create the illusion that everything is new and fresh in their homes. But with pets, it’s not always easy to keep things that way: ·     

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June Market Summary

Existing homes sales in Virginia fell by 4.2% in June as a tight inventory supply continues to constrain the market.  June existing home sales fell from 14,186 existing-home sales in June 2017

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How to Decorate Your Kitchen with White Hues

Kitchens decorated with mostly white hues never seem to go out of style but there’s a fine line between white that’s serene and beautiful and white that’s stark and clinical. If

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Facts About Radon and your Home

You can’t see, smell or taste radon, yet it can make you sick. It is believed that radon is a contributing factor in lung cancer in the United States. So what exactly is radon? Here are some

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