It’s A Sellers Market

Have you been thinking about putting your home on the market? Now might be the perfect time. Right now, in our local area, it is a seller’s market (due to the pandemic over the past few months). This means that the demand of homes exceeds the supply, or in other words, the inventory of homes for sale is low.

                What does this mean for you, as a seller? This means you get to have more control. Since the inventory is lower, more people may be interested in purchasing your home, possibly resulting in multiple showings and offers. Think about preparing your home for the market and speaking with one of our Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Agents. Our Realtors can help you in locations such as Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George, Colonial Beach, Richmond, Dumfries, and Virginia Beach! Your agent can give you tips on how to get your home ready for the market and advise you on things like listing price and marketing information. Don’t hesitate! Take advantage of this market, and get your home SOLD.

Get Reading

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that promotes reading in neighborhoods across the country. Their mission was to provide easy access to reading materials for anyone, no matter the location. They created book sharing boxes to be put in local areas. These boxes can then be filled with books and novels, and members of the community can take something to read or leave a book for others. It is a great way to read some new material and spread love in the community! This is fun for all ages, children and adults.

In our local area, some locations of these Little Free Libraries are Fredericksburg, King George, Colonial Beach, Richmond, Stafford, Dumfries, and Virginia Beach.  Be sure to check them out, and start reading!

For a complete map of all of the locations, visit Here, you can also register a new location if you are thinking of starting your own!

What is a smart home?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to control the parts of your home with a mobile device? That is what a smart home can do for you. Appliances, lighting, thermostats, locks, and doorbells are examples of things you can control when you use smart technology. This provides convenience and can even save you money. For example, smart homes can learn your schedule and control the temperature based on if you are home or not, saving you money on your next bill. Smart technology also provides homeowners with more peace of mind, by using services like a smart doorbell or security system with a camera to see who is at your door when you are away.

Some companies that make these kinds of technology are NEST, Ring, Amazon, Google, and Philips. However, there are a TON of companies that makes these kinds of technologies. There are plenty of websites and videos on these technologies to help you decide what you would like for your home.

With the growth of technology, there are many possibilities with smart technology. These services can be used for safety, comfort, or even just convenience. Check all of the possibilities out online and get started on your home!

Tips for making your home stand out

If you are listing your home for sale, there is no doubt you want it to be noticed by potential buyers. Here are a few ways to improve your listing:

  1. Flower Beds or Potted Plants – A trimmed yard and kept up plants are a great way to help your curb appeal. If you do not have the time or green thumb to plant flower beds, get some potted plants for your porch or outside your windows.
  • Fresh Paint – Painting is an affordable and easy way to make your home look good as new. It will clean off the marks/dents from your family living there and overall look fresh and new!
  • Clear the Clutter – Nobody wants to look at photos of your listing and see the rooms full of stuff. Make sure your home stays tidy and take out what clutters up the room. This will make the rooms look cleaner and larger, and potential buyers can envision their own stuff in the home.

Talk to your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realtor for more ways to help your listing sell!

Moving with your pet

As scary and exciting as moving day is for you and your family, it is just as scary and exciting for your pets. Here are some tips to make sure they stay safe and feel more comfortable.

  1. Keep your pets in a separate room from all of the action – The loud noises of all of the commotion may startle your animals, and the opening/closing of doors when loading up the moving van increase the risk that they might run out and get lost. Keep them safe and secure by putting them in a separate room with the door closed.
  • When driving to your new home, keep your pets near you in the car – Try keeping your pet in their carrying crate or pet car seat in the car near you. Maybe give them a blanket or toy they love to comfort them. Do not open the crate or unbuckle your pet until you have arrived at the house and found a place to keep them away from moving the boxes in. Put them with their toys, food, water, and bed for comfort.
  • Slowly adjust them to their new home – Just like us, pets take some time to get used to major changes. Slowly introduce them into each room of the home and let them explore safely, once the commotion of moving day is over.

After giving them time to adjust and explore, your pets will feel at home again. Give them time to figure things out, and make sure when letting them outside, they are secured, as they may not know where they are now. Pretty soon, everyone will be adjusted and can enjoy the new home together!

The home office is back in style in 2020

With COVID-19, more and more people were, or still are currently working from home. Never again overlook the importance of your home office. When thinking about your next move, you want to make sure the home you purchase has a space for your office. However small or large the room is, you can make it your own.

When choosing an office space, you want something with enough room for what you are using it for. Make sure there is room for storage, as well as your desk and computer supplies. Make your office as homey as possible, so you enjoy being there, even if you have work to do. Choose a comfy desk chair and decorate the room to match your personal style. A fun idea is to decorate with photos, so even when you are working, you can see your loved ones and your memories.

Check out some home office inspiration on Pinterest. There are a TON of organizational tips, design ideas, and ways to make your home office a place you want to work. Next time you think about purchasing a new home, keep your home office in mind. It is something many people do not consider, but now that everyone has been working from home, they are realizing that they may need a change.

When you decide to purchase your next home, keep your home office space in mind!

Things to do in Richmond, VA

Richmond  VA things to do

Thinking of buying a home in beautiful Richmond, Virginia? Here are some of the top things to do in the area. Take your friends, family, or even explore alone. There is something for everyone.

  1. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden – During those warm spring and summer months, take a visit to here to see beautiful flowers, trees, and butterflies. With over 50 acres of property, there is plenty to see. There are some themed areas, as well, such as the rose garden and cherry tree walk. They even have a children’s garden for the little ones. It is a beautiful place, and perfect for photos!
  2. Go to a ball game – If sports are your thing, be sure to check out the Richmond Flying Squirrels at their home stadium, The Diamond. From time to time, they even host special events and theme nights. They have a free kids club also, so the whole family can have fun!
  3. Take a trip to Maymont – This 100-acre estate is a must see! You can stroll the gardens, tour the mansion, or visit the Nature Center. Be sure to stop by their visitor center, where they can tell you more about what they have. There is so much to do!
  4. Discover Richmond’s history – This area is full of history, being the state’s capital. There are a ton of museums and battlefields in the area. Be sure to check them all out!

There are too many activities in the areas to be able to list them all. That is what makes this area a perfect place to live. There are many parks, restaurants, pools, movie theaters, and shopping areas in addition to the other activities. See more Richmond community information and homes for sale here. There will always be something for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy!

Things to do in Stafford VA

Stafford VA

Looking for something to do in Stafford County, Virginia? Well look no further! Here are some ideas of places to visit in the area:

  1. Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve – Enjoy beautiful views of the nature in Stafford County. Take some time to hike the trails and take photos of the local birds. There is even a canoe/kayak launch for a water trail. You will definitely want to check it out!
  2. George Washington’s Boyhood Home – Start in the Visitor Center, which is filled with artifacts and tons of information. You can then take a guided tour of the home George Washington lived in when he was just 6 years old. There are also hiking trails and gardens on the property to enjoy.
  3. Stafford Civil War Park – If you are a history buff, this is a must see. This Park teaches the history of the 135,000 Union Soldiers that were camped in Stafford in 1862. Be sure to stop by!
  4. Riverside Center for the Performing Arts – Come view a show with your family at this dinner theater! Visit their website for tickets and upcoming show information.
  5. Cavalier Family Skating Center – Roller skate with the whole family! The Skating Center offers holiday skates, pre-teen skates, family skates, and dances. They also offer skating lessons for beginners. You can even host a birthday party or special event here!

While Stafford County has a ton of things to do, these are just some of the more unique activities in the area. Thinking of moving to Stafford? Be sure to learn more about the area and available homes and then call one of our agents at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Realty to get started!

Lake Anna, VA

Ever dreamed of living in a water community where you can take your boat out and relax? Beautiful Lake Anna, Virginia may be the place for you!

Spend the day out on the water and enjoy activities such as fishing and kayaking. The lake is huge, and there are lots of things you can do! Try out tubing or waterskiing, or even just go for a swim!

Other outdoor activities include relaxing on the sandbar or hiking the trails at Lake Anna State Park. You can even go camping, take your kids to the playground, or go for a scenic bike ride. Visit the local restaurants and shops, as well. There is fun for everyone! Whether you want to make it your second home for weekend getaways, or would like to relocate there permanently, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Interested in taking a look? Search Lake Area homes for sale here, or contact one of our Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Realtors to help you get started!

Things to do With Your Kids in Fredericksburg

Looking for some family fun this weekend? Here are a few activities to do with your children in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

  • Learn about Fredericksburg’s history – Fredericksburg is rich with history. Visit places like the Battlefields, George Washington’s Boyhood Home, or the Fredericksburg Area Museums.
  • Visit the Shops in Old Town – Downtown Fredericksburg is a quaint little area with many stores, ranging from coffee shops and restaurants, to pet stores, to toy and music stores, to clothing boutiques, and more! Certain times of the year there are outdoor markets with fresh vegetables and homemade items.
  • Visit the Mall and Surrounding Stores – Fredericksburg has one of the biggest shopping areas in the country! With a large mall, many stores and restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theatres, and even arcades, the kiddos are sure to have a blast.
  • Get Some Fresh Air – There are many parks, trails, and outdoor recreation available in Fredericksburg. Go for a walk or bike ride, visit the playgrounds, go kayaking, and so much more!

Whatever your family enjoys, Fredericksburg has many different activities available. Go out and make some memories here!