Things to do in Richmond, VA

Richmond  VA things to do

Thinking of buying a home in beautiful Richmond, Virginia? Here are some of the top things to do in the area. Take your friends, family, or even explore alone. There is something for everyone.

  1. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden – During those warm spring and summer months, take a visit to here to see beautiful flowers, trees, and butterflies. With over 50 acres of property, there is plenty to see. There are some themed areas, as well, such as the rose garden and cherry tree walk. They even have a children’s garden for the little ones. It is a beautiful place, and perfect for photos!
  2. Go to a ball game – If sports are your thing, be sure to check out the Richmond Flying Squirrels at their home stadium, The Diamond. From time to time, they even host special events and theme nights. They have a free kids club also, so the whole family can have fun!
  3. Take a trip to Maymont – This 100-acre estate is a must see! You can stroll the gardens, tour the mansion, or visit the Nature Center. Be sure to stop by their visitor center, where they can tell you more about what they have. There is so much to do!
  4. Discover Richmond’s history – This area is full of history, being the state’s capital. There are a ton of museums and battlefields in the area. Be sure to check them all out!

There are too many activities in the areas to be able to list them all. That is what makes this area a perfect place to live. There are many parks, restaurants, pools, movie theaters, and shopping areas in addition to the other activities. See more Richmond community information and homes for sale here. There will always be something for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy!

Things to do in Stafford VA

Stafford VA

Looking for something to do in Stafford County, Virginia? Well look no further! Here are some ideas of places to visit in the area:

  1. Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve – Enjoy beautiful views of the nature in Stafford County. Take some time to hike the trails and take photos of the local birds. There is even a canoe/kayak launch for a water trail. You will definitely want to check it out!
  2. George Washington’s Boyhood Home – Start in the Visitor Center, which is filled with artifacts and tons of information. You can then take a guided tour of the home George Washington lived in when he was just 6 years old. There are also hiking trails and gardens on the property to enjoy.
  3. Stafford Civil War Park – If you are a history buff, this is a must see. This Park teaches the history of the 135,000 Union Soldiers that were camped in Stafford in 1862. Be sure to stop by!
  4. Riverside Center for the Performing Arts – Come view a show with your family at this dinner theater! Visit their website for tickets and upcoming show information.
  5. Cavalier Family Skating Center – Roller skate with the whole family! The Skating Center offers holiday skates, pre-teen skates, family skates, and dances. They also offer skating lessons for beginners. You can even host a birthday party or special event here!

While Stafford County has a ton of things to do, these are just some of the more unique activities in the area. Thinking of moving to Stafford? Be sure to learn more about the area and available homes and then call one of our agents at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Realty to get started!

Lake Anna, VA

Ever dreamed of living in a water community where you can take your boat out and relax? Beautiful Lake Anna, Virginia may be the place for you!

Spend the day out on the water and enjoy activities such as fishing and kayaking. The lake is huge, and there are lots of things you can do! Try out tubing or waterskiing, or even just go for a swim!

Other outdoor activities include relaxing on the sandbar or hiking the trails at Lake Anna State Park. You can even go camping, take your kids to the playground, or go for a scenic bike ride. Visit the local restaurants and shops, as well. There is fun for everyone! Whether you want to make it your second home for weekend getaways, or would like to relocate there permanently, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Interested in taking a look? Search Lake Area homes for sale here, or contact one of our Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Realtors to help you get started!

Things to do With Your Kids in Fredericksburg

Looking for some family fun this weekend? Here are a few activities to do with your children in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

  • Learn about Fredericksburg’s history – Fredericksburg is rich with history. Visit places like the Battlefields, George Washington’s Boyhood Home, or the Fredericksburg Area Museums.
  • Visit the Shops in Old Town – Downtown Fredericksburg is a quaint little area with many stores, ranging from coffee shops and restaurants, to pet stores, to toy and music stores, to clothing boutiques, and more! Certain times of the year there are outdoor markets with fresh vegetables and homemade items.
  • Visit the Mall and Surrounding Stores – Fredericksburg has one of the biggest shopping areas in the country! With a large mall, many stores and restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theatres, and even arcades, the kiddos are sure to have a blast.
  • Get Some Fresh Air – There are many parks, trails, and outdoor recreation available in Fredericksburg. Go for a walk or bike ride, visit the playgrounds, go kayaking, and so much more!

Whatever your family enjoys, Fredericksburg has many different activities available. Go out and make some memories here!

Spreading Love in Virginia

Ever heard the saying “Virginia is for Lovers?” Did you know there are over 200 LOVEworks signs all over the state?

Virginia residents have worked on spreading the love by building massive signs of the word “LOVE” in cities all around the state to spread joy. Many of the artworks and paintings on the letters represent that specific area, too. For example, Cape Charles made their letters out of kayaks and fishing accessories to represent their water-oriented lifestyle.

You can find these signs anywhere in the state, but some of our local sign locations include Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Montross, Warsaw, Richmond, Woodbridge, and more. Go check them out and spread the love! They are perfect for photo-ops.

The above photo was taken at one of the LOVEworks signs in our local area! (Colonial Beach, Virginia)

For a complete map of all of the LOVEworks in Virginia, please visit

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

First time buying a home? Don’t panic! here are some tips to help you through this process:

  • Pay Down Debt, and Start Saving

When buying a home, you want to make sure you have money saved up for things like a down payment, inspection & closing costs, and any additional things you would like for your home (furnishings, décor, paint, or even just an emergency fund). It is also important to talk with a lender to help you determine what you can afford. They can prequalify you for that amount, so that when you find your dream home, you are ready to purchase.

  • Start Researching Neighborhoods/Areas of Interest

Where do you see yourself living? Consider what areas fit your needs and budget. Some things to consider are commute to work, school districts, price point, and personal taste. Think about your lifestyle – Do you want to be close to stores, restaurants, and entertainment or would you prefer a quiet rural area?

  • Find a Real Estate Agent to Help You

Realtors can help guide you through this whole process, by answering all of your questions and helping you find the home of your dreams. At Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Realty, we have many agents that serve a large area of Virginia, such as Fredericksburg, Colonial Beach, King George, Stafford, Dumfries, Woodbridge, and Richmond.

  • Have Fun With It

Buying a home can be overwhelming, but it is also exciting! Enjoy this process and find what makes you happy. There is no place like home.

Are You Selling Your Home, Or Just Curious About Value?

All homeowners wonder at some point what their home is worth, but there’s a big difference between planning to sell and simply satisfying your curiosity. You can get a ballpark idea of what homes in the neighborhood are fetching by going online, or you could contact your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realty professional for a comprehensive market analysis, a comparison between your home and other similar homes in your neighborhood. 

If you’re just curious, you can take your estimated sales price, subtract the customary closing costs in your area plus the closing costs on your new home (anywhere from about six to ten percent for both transactions). But then, what have you got? Without a plan of what you want to accomplish with your equity, your home’s worth doesn’t mean anything because it can change at any time. The economy, jobs, buyer preferences, and more can all make a difference.

If you’re really interested in selling your home, run some what-if scenarios. What are your goals? A bigger, nicer home? A home closer to work or family? Are there better programs for your children in a different school district? In short, you want to know how life will improve for each of your household members in a different home or location.  

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be in a better position to sell your home with confidence. It’s not just about knowing how much your home is worth; it’s about providing quality of life to your household. 

Contact a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realty sales professional to learn more about what your home is worth.

Five Ways to Show Courtesy at Showings

A seller’s home is their private sanctum, and that should remain true even when it’s on the market. You’ll enjoy showings or open houses more as well as protect the seller’s home with these five courtesies.

  1. Sign in. Sellers and listing agents need to know who’s been in the home so they can ask for feedback. If you tour builder’s homes or open houses unaccompanied, be sure to include your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realty professional’s contact information so others know you’re already represented.
  2. Wear slip-ons. Especially during inclement weather, park your shoes at the front door to keep from dragging mud or other contaminants into the home.
  3. Establish rules for children. You may prefer to leave the kids at home for first and second viewings, but you’ll want to show them their next home eventually. Tell them to stay by your side, not to touch anything, and to refrain from running or horseplay.
  4. 4 Open closets, cabinets and drawers. Part of what you’re buying is storage and organization, so you have every right to open all closets, built-in cabinets and kitchen drawers. But if a piece of furniture is used instead of a built-in, such as a buffet table or china hutch, you should leave it alone.
  5. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. You introduce or take away germs when you enter any home, so make sure your hands are clean before you touch anything as well as after the showing is over

Buying a Home On the Dip

In mid-March, borrowing rates were slashed to banks to nearly zero percent and announced it would buy at least $700 billion in government bond purchases, channeling about $200 billion of the stimulus into mortgage-related bonds. Not since 2008 has the central bank made such a dramatic move to stave off the effects of a pandemic economic recession.

What does that mean to home buyers like you? Opportunity.

The Fed doesn’t set mortgage interest rates, but it does influence short-term borrowing and adjustable mortgage rates because banks follow the federal funds rate. Fixed rate mortgages tend to move with long-term Treasury yields, according to As more investors pile into Treasury bonds, the yield lowers, which means fixed rate mortgages will cost less.

According to Reuters, mortgage interest rates should remain low for some time. For example, the monthly payment on a $350,000 home purchased with a 20% down at 4% interest would be about $1,850. At 3%, the same payment would be about $1,700, allowing borrowers to buy homes more affordably.

The National Association of REALTORS® recently reported that only three percent of home sellers took their homes off the market in March in response to the coronavirus quarantines, which means there will be plenty of homes to choose.

Economic uncertainty typically causes home buyers to move to the sidelines, which can cause inventories to grow and housing prices to fall as well. The time to act is now while the costs of buying a home are dipping.

Advice for Single Female Homebuyers

Advice for Single Female Homebuyers

In 2019, the National Association of REALTORS reported that 18% of home buyers were single females, compared to nine percent of single males. From this data, it’s clear that single women see homeownership as an important way to provide themselves with more stability and financial security.

Here’s some helpful advice to help single women meet the responsibilities and rewards of homeownership.

  1. Buy within your means. While it’s good advice for all home buyers, single women can lower their risk by keeping their house payment, including property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, homeowner association fees and mortgage insurance at no more than one third of their income.
  2. Choose a forever home. Your home should promote well-being and prosperity. The longer you own your home, the more equity you build. And your home can provide rental income should you move or marry in the future.
  3. Plan for surprises. You may have put all your funds into your down payment, but as soon as you can, start rebuilding your cash savings. Create a fund for home repairs and planned expenses such as a new roof one day. You should also have at least six months cash on hand in the event of illness or layoffs.
  4. Take ownership and repair classes. Your state or local housing authority may offer homebuying and home ownership classes. You can also take repair or home improvement workshops at your local Home Depot or elsewhere. It’s a great way to meet people, develop skills and save money on maintenance and repairs.