Virginia State Lighthouses

Virginia is full of history and scenic activities. Here are some of the lighthouses located in the state:

  1. Old Cape Henry Lighthouse – Built in 1792, this lighthouse is located on the Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the oldest standing lighthouses in the United Stated and has a lot of history.
  2. Assateague Lighthouse – This lighthouse was originally built in 1833 and was rebuilt in 1866. It is located on Assateague Island at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.
  3. Cape Charles Light – Located on Smith Island, this lighthouse is the tallest in the State of Virginia. It can be seen from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but is not fully open to the public.
  4. Jones Point – This is the only remaining river lighthouse in the state. It was built in 1855 near Old Town Alexandria. This lighthouse is also not fully open to the public but can be seen and photographed from outside.

For a complete list and map of Virginia’s Lighthouses, visit . Be sure to check them out!

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Should You Buy a “Haunted” House?

Spooky houses look like they haven’t seen a living occupant, gardener or handyman in years. Many so-called haunted houses are so dilapidated they look occupied by ghosts, or they’ve been on the market so long, buyers suspect there’s a skeleton hidden in the closet. But that house for sale that gives you the creeps may actually turn out to be a good investment.

So what makes a house seem haunted? It could be the tumbleweed landscaping, paintless trim, broken steps or crooked roof—, material problems that can easily be repaired or replaced. But a house can also carry a stigma (which has nothing to do with the home’s structure) that evokes fear or repulsion, including a history of death within the home from murder, suicide or suspicious circumstances. The house could previously be occupied by an unsavory hoarder, drug dealer or occultist.  Or, there could be a real ghost. MMMMWWWWAAAA!

Would you be able to look past a home’s creepy appearance or scary reputation? According to, nearly half of homebuyers wouldn’t touch a haunted house, but one in three buyers would purchase one if they could get a lower price. 

That spells opportunity, especially if the home is in a nice neighborhood. If your low offer is accepted, get an inspection and renovation estimate from a local contractor. If the total costs are lower than or equal to the other home values in the area, you could end up with the friendliest bargain on the block.