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Work Perks FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the catch? I don’t really understand why your company is offering our business and its employees these Perks. And who pays for these Perks, anyway?

A: We understand! Most people aren’t used to being offered something of value with no strings attached; but really, there are no strings attached! We simply want to offer our area’s employers – you, our neighbors – a high value benefit that they can offer their employees who may – at any time - be interested in taking advantage of free home buying or selling benefits available to them because of their association with your company! And with all the potential costs, who wouldn’t want to have available to them up to thousands of dollars in savings when buying or selling their own home … not to mention the opportunity to work with a specially trained professional REALTOR® whose commitment is to providing your employee with nothing but an exceptional home buying or selling experience!

Now, to anticipate your next question: No! none of the costs of those Perks are ever passed along in any way to your employee as a Buyer or Seller! And no! you have no role in, responsibility to, or liability for anyone in their home buying or selling experience.

Q: Okay, so you say the only obligation participating employers have, in order to offer the benefits of this Program, is to register their company and promote Work Perks to their employees. Are there any requirements in how we must do that?

A: How each employer promotes the availability of our Work Perks Program is solely at the discretion of each employer. Some examples of ways in which the Program might be promoted are: post a flyer or poster about the Program in one or more highly visible locations in the workplace; provide a flyer or even a blurb about the Program in company correspondence, newsletters, paychecks; make a formal announcement about the Program and its benefits; include information about the Work Perks Program in your company’s HR/benefits package materials; provide information about the Program in materials provided to any new hires or in your recruitment materials; invite a member of our Business Development team to give a brief presentation to your employees at a staff meeting or other gathering … indeed, the ways in which you might promote availability of these Perks are virtually endless. But in the end, how you choose to promote the Program is up to you and you alone.

Should you need additional flyers, a specially designed piece, posters, or the like to assist in your promotion, please contact a member of our Business Development Team.

Q: We only have a few employees and none currently are able or planning to move anywhere any time soon. Why would these Perks be of any interest to our company or its employees?

A: That’s a very good question and on the face of it seems to be self-evident that an offer of any such Perks to your employees might be meaningless.

However, consider this: on any given day, a person’s life circumstances can change, and that change often can be dramatic. Whether it’s the unexpected addition of a family member (through birth, adoption, or even one or more family members suddenly needing to move in), a sudden disabling event or catastrophic illness, a marriage or a divorce, a decision made to downsize, the unexpected death of a family member … or so many of life’s other unexpected events. When the only thing that’s constant is change, we’d like to help you offer your employees, who might find themselves in the midst of any such an event, a way to minimize their stress, save up to thousands of dollars, and to have the assurance they’re being assisted by highly trained, reliable, knowledgeable, first rate professional REALTORS® who have their clients’ interests at heart and who are committed to making what might otherwise be a very difficult situation as smooth, seamless, and enjoyable as possible.

Q: Wow. So I understand much better now how this could be a big help. But at our location, very few if any of our employees own their own homes. How could these Perks be of any interest at all to those who are renters and might never buy?

A: Another great question, and one we might answer by asking if you think there are any of the renters among your employees who currently pay let’s say $1200 or more monthly for their rent? Do you suppose there are any who are concerned that they’re paying rising rental rates for someone else’s investment, building no equity nor getting any tax benefits of their own?

Well, whether or not this is information they might actually share with you, the fact of the matter is that rental rates have been and are on the rise. And for the cost of what many people are currently paying in rent, there are loan programs available that can help many of them get into their own homes – and often with little or no money down.

Do you think any of your currently renting employees – and particularly those with families or planning to have families – might be interested in learning about how they could own their own home, control their own monthly housing costs, and realize tax savings that go along with home ownership? Not to mention those who once were home owners but who, through circumstances beyond their control, lost those homes yet still dream of a new start in their own new home . . .

We realize it’s not part of the job or part of the employer’s responsibilities to provide this information or assistance … but most of us care about our employees’ healthcare, for example - whether actually being able to offer full, partial, or maybe even access to benefits through affiliation with the company – wouldn’t we also care about our employees and their families having access to safe, affordable housing and having the opportunity to realize their American Dream? By offering employees access to high value options for pursuing their housing goals– at no cost or obligation to you or your company - you can indirectly participate in reducing their housing-related stressors and exponentially aid in increasing your employees’ stability and peace of mind. Seems like that equals happier, more productive employees, right?

Q: Okay, it’s sounding like a “no brainer” and a win-win for all. But then, what if I sign up our company and none of my employees ever use these Perks?

A: Neither you nor any of your employees ever are under any obligation to take advantage of our Work Perks Program. But not so unlike some companies offering all employees access to profit sharing, savings plans, various retail establishments’ discount plans, or a whole host of other possible “benefits”, it’s entirely up to each individual employee as to what he or she wishes to take advantage of. The major difference here, though, is that your company is not paying a single cent for the opportunity merely to offer your employees access to up to thousands of dollars in savings … and your employee is paying not a single cent for the privilege of taking advantage of the Perks you’re offering access to! Plus, there’s no expiration date on the offer!

Q: Well this sounds really great, and knowing I could offer my employees this kind of exceptional service with a company whose brand is inspired by world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. – Warren Buffet’s worldwide holding company - sure makes it even more compelling. But if I happen to have employees with a family member or close friends who are real estate agents with other companies, would they have to use your company’s services if I sign up as a participating employer?

A: Absolutely not. Remember when we mentioned that our program in no way obligates you or your employees? This extends to any of your employees who for whatever reason might have a preference or feel an obligation to work with another company. Of course, in their doing so the high value benefits, worth up to thousands of dollars in savings that our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select’s Work Perks – Employee Reward Program affords them, would not be available to them. But it all comes down to choice. Your participation in our Program gives them the choice. The choice then, to take advantage of the huge rewards, ultimately is for each employee to make.

Q: All right. Well in a similar vein, what if an employee already has a relationship with a REALTOR® at one of your area offices? Can he or she still use that REALTOR® to buy or sell a home, or must s/he be assigned one from the “A Team”?

A: If your employee already has a relationship with one of our outstanding sales professionals, s/he’s already working with a customer-centric professional who, as part of our Select team, shares in our vision of delivering superior service and an exceptional experience to all those we serve! Your employee certainly may choose to work with that agent, and the Program Administrator will in turn give that agent (if not an “A Team” member) the opportunity to elect to participate in our Work Perks Program. If the agent should elect not to participate in the Work Perks Program, that agent may or may not have other “rewards” s/he would be able to offer (for example, through another of our company’s programs). None of our other Programs, however, currently offer such a comprehensive, high value and diverse set of rewards to our clients.

Q: Let’s say our company signs up and one of our employees already has a home on the market for sale or is working with another agent to purchase a home; what happens then?

A: The short answer is that of course since the Work Perks – Employee Reward Program is solely a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realty Program, none of the rewards offered by our brokerage and agents could accrue to an employee represented by another brokerage and not enrolled as a program participant.

The critical issue here, though, is that it would never be our company’s goal - nor ever our practice – for any of our sales professionals to conduct themselves in such a way as to attempt to entice another company’s client away from them, solicit business from a client who has entered into in a legally binding agency relationship (whether buying or selling a home), nor otherwise represent our company or our individual sales professionals as anything but committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in our business and personal relationships. If, at any time, the employee no longer has an agency relationship with another brokerage … or even if at some time down the road the then unrepresented employee wishes to use our services, our Perks programs would still be available to them; it’s not a one-shot deal!

So then, in the scenario where your employee who is already working with another agent for the sale or purchase of a home, and who is under contract with that agent’s brokerage, s/he will simply continue to work through that process throughout the term of that agreement &/or to the culmination of a sales transaction.

Q: I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but just in case: the employer can also take advantage of these Perks rewards, too, right?

A: Absolutely! Once registered as a participating company, you’d simply register yourself as an individual and would be able to enjoy all of the same great savings and the exceptional service that you’re offering your employees!

Q: What if our business location is just one of a larger organization, but operated/managed largely or solely as its own entity? As long as our organization doesn’t require corporate approval for our organization-wide participation, could those employees affiliated with just our location be eligible for these Perks?

A: You bet! We’re happy to offer our Perks program to any single business, educational, non-profit, not-for-profit (etc.) location, for any number of locations within a larger organization, and for the entire organization overall. It’s entirely the decision of the management/ ownership, based on the organization’s policies and procedures. We simply aim to make the Perks program available to as many employees as may wish to take advantage of the program’s no obligation, no cost, high value benefits!

Q: If I know of other businesses and organizations that might be interested in being able to offer these great benefits to their employees, how could I get them involved?

A: Simple! Here are several easy ways to get them information &/or registered right away:

(a) pass along their contact information to a member of our Business Development Team who will follow up to provide information, answer questions, etc.; (b) have them contact a member of our Business Development Team directly; or (c) simply direct them to our website where they can register on their own, making their employees eligible for our Work Perks right away!

Q: Well, this is a terrific benefit to be able to offer our company’s employees who are buying or selling locally. Would your company have any programs or services to offer any employees or employees’ family members who are buying or selling outside of your local service area?

A: We’re so glad you asked! Now, while our exciting new and innovative Work Perks – Employee Reward Program was designed specifically to serve employees making local home buying and selling decisions, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Realty also specializes in Individual and third-party relocation services.

As a member of the Brookfield GRS Broker Network, the 2nd largest provider of relocation services worldwide, we have the resources to deliver an exceptional home buying or selling experience wherever they’re needed!

We see our Work Perks – Employee Rewards Program as being in alignment with our company’s values and vision of building the highest quality real estate company in Virginia. To achieve that vision, we are committed to continuing to deliver superior service and an exceptional experience to those we serve – and that means you, our neighbors throughout this region – through designing innovative programs and services such as Work Perks and others, continually making investment in resources, systems, and training that ensure you, our customer that the highest levels of customer service are upheld.

As a proud member of this powerful Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network, the professionals affiliated with our offices – continually strive to exemplify the reputation of BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY – recognized as the Number 1 company in Barron’s annual ranking of the world’s 100 most respected companies. Combining our firm’s culture of a small family business with the resources of one of the most respected brands in the world, we’re confident that – whether they take advantage of the Perks today, tomorrow, next week, next year, or never – your employees will appreciate your proactively grasping this innovative opportunity to offer them no cost, no obligation, high value rewards … with no expiration date.